4 Reasons We Hold On

Why is it we all want to hold on to our stuff way longer than we need to?

Why is it we just don’t want to let the old energy go?

1)  It’s just so damn comfortable to hang in the same energy… or at least that’s what our ego thinks!

2)  It’s familiar and good, bad or indifferent our ego likes it that way.

3) It takes a lot more effort to just make the decision to let stuff go than it takes to stay with the energy.

4)  It requires more truth of the self to really go within and look at the old stuff.

It’s a lot easier, in some ways, to let go of physical stuff… old clothes, old papers, old food..

Or is it?

Are you holding on to the physical things as well?

The path to health and happiness is often more about the removal and letting go of old energy than it is about the adding to and gaining of something new.

I know, our society pushes us to get the next new shiny object.  It pushes us to get more.. have more.. be more.

But is that really the best thing for us?

I think that if we look to the health and wellness of our being, accumulating stuff is not in our best interest.

It’s like that cup that is too full.

How can it hold more if it is never emptied out?

Sure we can just keep filling it up and letting it overflow but then are we just diluting the contents?

Wouldn’t it be better to stop ever so often and empty the cup and then refill it?

Just imagine the freshness of that next drink….

Ahh… so clean and tasty!

And that is how I look at our energy system.

Every now and again.. stop.

Clear it out with intention.

Then start fresh in taking in.

I challenge you to make this a part of your routine.

Especially when the moon is full.

This is how we begin to really let go.

Energy follows intention.

As we intent to let go, we can allow the energy to flow out of our subtle body and begin to transform back to the universe.

Energy is never destroyed… only transformed.

How can you transform this month.. this year?

It’s not easy doing it alone.

If you have trouble letting go, I am offering a special Re-Energize your Life package of healing.

In this package, our intention will be to clear out all this old stuff… energetically… with pranic healing with a touch of Reiki!

We will work within the chakras cleaning and cleansing!  We will release the congested energies to release and the depleted chakras to recharge.  And then we will energize.. energize and energize.. making room for all those new dreams to come in!

To find out more about it go here.

To your spirit,