4 Ways to Shift into Spring

Has this been a tough season for you… physically… spirituality… mentally.. emotionally?

I have found four things that help move from the winter into the spring that address each of these layers of the body.

Putting my hands in the cool soil of Mother Earth pulls me out from the caves of winter, especially when I send some Reiki energy into the ground.
Have you ever tried this…. stopping for a moment when preparing your gardens and running Reiki right into the ground? If you have, then you have probably noticed the energy that is returning to you in this cosmic orbit of exchange.
For me, it’s electric! It’s alive! And it wakes me up right to my very core. It allows me to connect with the abundance of Mother’s Earth’s energy and align my energy to hers… perfect for planting all kinds of seeds… physically and symbolically! Offer some gratitude while you’re at it!

Citrine crystals hold the energy of the sun. This vibration helps us to awaken the third chakra and begin to own our self power again.
Spirituality we can raise our vibration to match the crystals as we align with our higher good, especially all the abundance we want to bring this spring. Remember spring is all about rebirth and creation.

In the winter we tend to eat a little heavier in our foods. The shift in temperature allows us to shift our diets. And just like the changes in season, our body changes in the organs that it cleanses too. The energies of the spring activate the liver and gall bladder helping us to release all the stored emotions, especially anger and resentment. Taking 7-10 days on a cleansing diet of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with the master cleanse is a great way to bring the body back into alignment and feel lighter just in time to shed the extra layers. And … as we learn in feng shui… we also clean out all that old stuff hanging around in our closets making room for the new.

With the shift in seasons, we can shift in our meditations, too. Call in the energies of Archangel Raphael who is seen as the master of all healing. Raphael is strongly related to spring and plants for all the healing that is offered for growth and rebirth. Imagine a green light surrounding you and your newly planted seeds as you call upon the energy of Raphael. Open up your heart to receive this angelic vibration. It offers so much healing light!

I also like to call in the energy of Jophiel. Jopheil’s name means “Beauty of God” which resonates with the energies of spring. Call in Jopheil in your meditations to bring in an illuminating ray of deep pink light to surround you, your plants, your family, everyone.. surround them in love this spring.

I find these 4 things help me to move from winter into spring with ease and grace.

And then once I’m out of my “cave” I am ready to plant my seeds and grow my dreams.

I know, most people are thinking who doesn’t want to come out into the spring!

I’ve been there.

Finding myself stuck within and not wanting to give up the comfort of my big sweater, hearty soups, warm fires or long winter sleeps….

What about you? What do you like to do to help yourself move from this season to the next?