5 Easy Steps to Connect with your Angels

Our Angels are always around us. All we have to do is connect with them and ask for love and guidance.    Here are 5 easy steps to connecting with the angels…. To begin:

1) Close your eyes and take a nice deep breathe in as you bring your awareness to your heart and create a heartlink mudra with your thumb and middle finger.
2) Offer a prayer of gratitude and intention to the angels for all the love, support and guidance they offer you.
3) Begin to imagine golden threads or cords of light coming from your heart up through the throat, the third eye and the crown chakra and into the higher realms of the universe.
4) Bring down through these cords of lights all the love you can imagine from the angels as you fill your heart with love and joy. Let it overfill with this vibration of love.
5) As your heart fills up, begin to send love back to the angels.

Allow this circuit of energy, this love, to continue to run from the angels to you and you to the angels.
Allow all the love that you can to enter in your aura and energetic system.
And now… ask for whatever support, guidance or release that you need help with. Surround yourself with all this energy.
And as you go about your day, look for the signs around you.. look for the presence of angels in your life.
You will find it and you will be empowered to live your life fully!

Below is a short video to help you with these 5 easy steps. Activate your heartlink now:

So when you find yourself lost, sad, lonely or any other suffering, call upon this heartlink meditation to raise your vibration. Call in Ariel and the World Angel Grid to surround you and protect you with their love and guidance.