Rituals are ways to consciously choose the energy of our life.

When we create them on a daily basis it becomes consciously choosing the energy of our day.

With the season of Thanksgiving, what a great opportunity to create a daily ritual combining the atitude of gratitude with all that you’ve harvested this year.  

Here is a short video that takes you through 5 easy steps to creating a ritual.

Air – begin with your breath as you breathe in the inspiration for your ritual.

Fire – light some sage to purify and cleanse creating your sacred space

Earth – the physical manifestation for the intention of your ritual

Water – flow with the vibration and emotions of what you are intending

Spirit – call in the Divine to help support you in your ritual

I have found the more I set up the energy for my life, the more I am able to set in motion that hidden power that I believes controls what will happen in my future.

As I offered in the video, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my life and my work. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help, to serve, to teach all about the Spirit. Thank you to all who have entered in and taken the leap to digging deep within.

Happy Holidays!

To your spirit,