5 Steps to Creating a Ritual with the Energy of the Full Moon

April’s Full Moon, which rises very early in the morning of April 11, marks the arrival of the Pink Moon. It was named by the American Indians for the beautiful pink flowers that adorn the meadows at this time of the year.

This full moon is also considered to be a Spiritual moon marker. While Easter follows the first full moon of the Spring Equinox, Passover and Hanuman occur on the full moon, holding this vibration all the way to the Wesak full moon occurring in May, the moon of Enlightenment.

Under the light of the this pink moon (no it won’t appear pink) you may be feeling a deep desire for harmony. That’s because the moon is in the sign of Libra, which is all about balance and diplomacy so that harmony can be achieved.

During the three days around this Full Moon, you can see where you need to perhaps do a little course correcting.

Once aware of this energy, how can you best adjust your approach so that you can more successfully experience the harmony and grace that you need to feel peaceful?

I’d like to offer a ritual for you to practice under this full moon (or really any full moon at all).

Full moons are perfect occasions to create rituals.

Choose a Selenite Crystal (a Quartz Crystal will work) and two Fluorite stones. Gather some sage or


incense. Come into your Sacred Space.

  1. Begin with the element of AIR – Breathe. Call in your guides and teachers. Run your breath up and down your body. Breathe in the inspiration for your ritual. Exhale out the excess energy.

  2. Bring in the element of FIRE – Light some sage to purify and cleanse your sacred space. Sage all the crystals that surround you clearing them to charge under the moonlight. After cleansing the flourite, place them both in front of you. Sit quietly and breathe deeply.

  3. Ground with the element of EARTH – Feel yourself sitting on the earth. Bring the breath up and down the body. As you exhale feel a grounding cord dropping deep into Mother Earth.

  4. Flow with the element of WATER – Allow your emotions to return to balance and harmony as your release any stuck emotions from this month. Flow with the vibration of what you are intending and manifesting this Spring.

  5. Pose a question or two to SPIRIT – Ask:

  • Of all the things I asked to manifest under the new moon a few weeks ago, what in my heart really really wants to come forward?

  • Of all the energy I am processing right now, what can sign the light of this moon on and let go even more?

  • What is this full moon light reflecting back on me?

Place the Selenite right on the Ajna, your third eye center.

And then listen … really listen as you open up to clarity.

Notice your energy begin to shift. Bring in any message that you perceive. Allow the light of the moon to help you release any fear you may be holding as you find that state of balance for you.

Allow the energy of the Selenite to focus on the clarity as you allow the Fluorite to bring in balance for your emotional body.

Allow yourself to breath… to expand in consciousness …all for the highest good.

As you feel this expansion, open your heart and let this harmonious vibration rise out and into the world.

As you are ready, bring your awareness back.

To your Empowered Spirit!

PS… I have found the more I apply rituals in my life, the more I am able to set in motion that hidden power that helps me manifest easily and effectively with the cycles of life.

PSS.. No worries if you don’t have any Crystals. The ritual can still be performed!