7 Ways to Survive the Pains of Growth

Ever have one of those months where no matter how hard you try you just create a circle of energy?

The circle of chasing your tail?

Yeah.. well that’s the kind of month I was having last month.

Extra emails going out not on purpose.  (A big thanks for bearing with me!)

Moving stuff back and forth… packing… unpacking and packing again.

Being kicked off my own webinar.

Showing up for a class of 1 only to come back and do it again with a class of 10 and then back down to none.

Yet… all those circles took me deeper and deeper within my self and all the limited beliefs that came up for me.   A month of asking questions about my path and what I was really doing.  A month of going so deep within that I doubted if I would really come out.

Getting the picture?

But I did come out.  I admitted to myself the pains that come with growth.

I admitted to myself the vulnerability that comes with starting on a path of purpose even against those saying it couldn’t be done… what a teacher of spirituality in Alabama?

I admitted to myself that I am human and ok to make mistakes by trying new things.

That everything doesn’t have to be perfect to give it a go.

That the only way to learn is to take that step.

And so.. I survived.

I survived by daily meditation and allowing my intuition to be strong in my guidance.

I survived by trusting Spirit to be my net each and every time I take a leap.

I’m getting to be an ace at landing on my feet.  Thank goodness!

One of the things I did notice with each landing was that my spirit was lighter, and that when I did emerge out of the depths of darkness,  I could shine my light even brighter to help and serve all.

And that is what I am here for. … to live my purpose full time.

To feel the pain and know that others feel this too.

To feel the mistakes that can occur when we reach beyond our comfort zone and help others when they are standing on the edge, too.

To remember the strength in walking on fire to fuel my desire to take the chance and follow my intuition so that I can encourage others to do the same.

That’s what life is all about… isn’t it?

These are the things that I have been learning with all the techniques that I teach. Because.. you see… I use them myself.

Here are 7 survival techniques to survive the pains of growth:

(1) I call in my Angels on a daily basis.

They are fun and loving and leave me signs to connect withCall them in to work with you and through you, to surround you and protect you each and everyday!

(2) I run Reiki on myself every chance I get.

Best time for me is first thing in the morning and then again at night.  Ok midday too!  Just for today…. this natural healing energy is universal and everyone can learn to work with it.

(3) I sit in mediation and practice yoga.

A little bit everyday.  I set my timer.  My brain has a chance to calm down.  And, my breathe helps me to create my life!

(4) I bathe myself in essential oils.

Awwwww… nice high vibrations of energy that keep my aura strong and protected from all kinds of germs.

(5) I read Tarot cards for confirmation of my life.

Sometimes…  I draw the difficult ones… like the Tower… it all falls down to start over again!  But at least I know it’s all part of the plan.

(6) I tap on my money story.

A story that always needs healing.  Even though I have this money story, I totally love and accept myself.

(7) I listen to my crystals for knowledge of the universe:

Blowing in the wind….These ways are a changing.  Crystals are alive and carry the energy of the earth.  They have lived a lot longer than me!


This is why I call myself a  Spiritual Activist.  I believe in the power of the spirit and know when things get tough… I got the tools to help my Spirit out!

It’s the medicine in my life.

I am grateful for this knowledge and the ability to share it with you.

April is already starting off to be another intense month.  There is so much change occurring underneath the surface and in the cosmos.

Yes, the cosmos will rock this month with 2 eclipses and a Cardinal Cross that echo the energy of the 60’s… a time of revolution that comes from deep within!  I repeat .. these ways are a changing!

A revolution that cries out about equality and change fueled by peace and love!  A shift in consciousness, especially for women, and the power that comes in with this Age of Aquarius.

Change is never easy.

It makes us vulnerable and on edge.

Pace yourself this month.  It’s my understanding that the energy will peak towards the end of the April. During that time, find yourself a seat outside and reach out to Mother Earth… place your feet on the ground and absorb her energy for balancing.

Rose Quartz MalaApril brings in the energy of all the quartz crystals… pinks (rose quartz) and purples (amethyst) and yellow (citrine) .. just look around and see the reflection in what is blooming.  Activate their power within your field of energy.

Wear rose quartz around your neck.  It will help you with self love through these changes.

Place amethyst in your meditation corner.  It will help to take you deeper within.

And, last, place citrine in your abundance corner. Put some wherever you receive your money. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a piece in your pocket, too!

Find time to sit still and breathe in all this new growth.  Take advantage of the quiet times. Schedule them in!  I find it helps to slow time down just a bit.  (Maybe it just slows me down more!).

Ground your energy with Mother Earth and come back to your center… often!  Growth can be painful but as I see it… more painful to not open up!  As Anais Nin says…

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a

bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.


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