Aligning with the Blue Moon

In the quiet stillness of the light of the moon, remember what is in inside of you that needs shinning.

Let the energy of this July Blue Moon fill the darkness that gets in  your way of living your purpose.

The cosmos reflect back to us who we are.

The moon and the stars hold the wisdom of the ages and right now that wisdom teaches us all about  the Aquarian Age.

It is the knowledge about God, about man, about the meaning of human life on the Earth.

It’s about letting go of the barriers we put up and how it’s time for them to come down.

And it’s about love.. loving our self more in order to love others.

It’s important to slow down and take it all in.

Pull in the light of the moon.

Bring it into your breath.

Let it be your breath.

Let it raise the consciousness of your spirit.

As we move through this particular full moon, know that this energy is all about going within.  It’s about opening up to the  parts of ourselves that need opening.  Combined with the planets, today we have the opportunity to love our self more, to look at our relationships, and to make change if need be.

It’s time to step out of the box.

When we have these occurrences… and extra moon in a month, be sure to focus your energy as you allow the excess to release back to the universe.  (Hello… The Universe is giving us another opportunity to let go!)

Can you do it.

Can you allow the light of this blue moon (it’s not really going to be blue) to transform you?

Align with this energy for your highest good.

Get your crystals out.IMG_6265

Cleanse them.  (SHK – release out all the old energy).

Empower them (CKR) to do the work that they do so well.



To the North.. the South.. the East.. the West ..

Above us.. Below us

Right into our very center.

May you find peace in the light of this July moon!




 ps..there won’t be another one until 2018.