Completion and Initiation… both?

Completion and initiation…

Isn’t that like an oxymoron?

How can two opposing ideas be held under the same moon?

Normally, aren’t we taught to do one then the other?

Like … first complete what we are doing then start the next thing.

Yes… but!

It’s when  the stars, the moon, the earth and the sun  all come together in a new moon solar eclipse with some major astrological influences  that these crazy things, these so called oxymorons can occur.

These kinds of eclipses create extra powerful energy that we all can tap into that allow for some major completion and new beginnings to occur in aspects of our lives …  all at once!

On these wildcard kind of days, old energy can be dissolved and new energy can come into focus .. simultaneously… to manifest that which you desire!

My kind of Aha day!

What about for you?

What is your deepest desire?

Not sure?

The best way to work with this kind of alignment is to go deep within.

To spend some time with yourself.

Take some really long slow breaths.  For example, there is a Pranic Breathing Exercise  that can be used.. try this… breathe in for 7.. hold for 1.. breathe out for 7.. hold for 1.  Repeat at least 7 times.

Quiet the mind and all that chatter so that you can hear your spirit talking to you.

It’s that whisper within.

Well, maybe sometimes it’s shouting at you!

Just so you can hear it.

And then act upon it.

Gather the courage, let go of the fear and bring it down from the crown chakra  to the root chakra with each breathe.

Inhale  inspiration… exhale it down to the physical form.

Feel it all the way through the legs into Mother Earth.

Allow the Universe to help you!

Who are you not to shine!

In the south, the new moon eclipse can be seen starting at 4:00pm.  Although it’s a partial eclipse for viewing, it’s still quite powerful!

To your Spirit…  your dreams… and completing the old nagging fear feelings of want to to start the new yes I can do it energy .. all at once!