Confessions of a Shower Tapper –

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT


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 Confessions of a Shower Tapper – The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose using EFT

A self help inspirational book sharing universal truths to anyone wanting to leave a day job and strike out on their own and live their dreams. 

It’s the biggest adventure you can take! 

Through hard work, perseverance and faith you can take that big leap. 

But what happens when the going gets tough… cause it will! 

What happens when the phone isn’t ringing and the money isn’t coming in. 

What then? 

Do you give up? 

Do you give in to the overwhelm… the limiting beliefs… the self doubt? 

Heck no! 

That’s when the shower starts… the tapping begins and the focus comes through.

“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.”  LL Cool J


What’s a Shower Tapper?






Here’s what they are already saying:

“Terri’s bBaethDavis-9445f-150x150ook, ‘Confessions of a Shower Tapper,’ isn’t your usual self-help book.  Allow me to explain. I’m a big reader, reading many books a year and implementing the ones I find most useful. I’d barely gotten through her introductory chapters when I found myself in tears. Tears of recognition, tears of relief while being calmed by her beautiful, poetic and clear writing. Most ‘self-help’ books leave me flat, recycling what I’m sure I already read somewhere before.

Additionally, I’ve read other books on EFT (“tapping”). However, they were long and filled with many confusing-to-me explanations. Terri’s book just shows you how to tap away your pain from the beginning, by tying the technique with powerful, heart-wrenching stories of pain I know I’ve lived. She puts the technique into your tapping hands in real time – you can do it AS you read the book. I find that remarkable.

If you are ready for help with your stress, overwhelm and heartbreak, Terri’s book can show you the way… and you don’t even have to read the whole book. One chapter and you, too, are a shower tapper, tapping your way to inner peace. Of course, I recommend reading the whole book… but if you are strapped for time, give it a one-chapter chance and watch your attitude and your outcomes transform!”

– Baeth Davis,


“Terri Heiman has tapped into something real and important in the lives of those who are working in the healing arts.  As an EFT practitioner and teacher this book spoke directly to me!  Everything the author was feeling – I have felt.  It is vulnerable, honest, intuitive and insightful – a masterpiece on tapping.  The honesty with which she presents the issues that most people feel is disarming and yet reassuring because you discover you can use EFT to overcome almost anything.  I tapped repeatedly using the words provided and I expect to return many times to work on the issues raised in this excellent book.   It will help you improve your life and consequently, the lives of others.  This book will make a big difference to the world.”

Ted Robinson, JD, BCH, OB – EFT Expert/Teacher,


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