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Are you a professional woman who knows that your weight and appearance are holding you back from fully living your purpose?

Are you ready to start feeling really good in your body and look AMAZING in your clothes?

Isn’t it time to step it up a notch and get that next job or promotion?

Or how about stepping up on the stage, booking that speaking gig and thriving from it all?

Isn’t it time to just feel better and easier in your body?

Don’t feel stuck in your life anymore. Quit playing small and hiding beneath all those layers.

Release the unhappiness and the stress of it all.

I can help you reach that next level of success as you let go of the pain and embarrassment you feel about your body and your weight.  


90 Days to Stress-Free Weight Loss

Gain the confidence not the weight.

A program to reduce the weight and stress as you gain body confidence.

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This program is for you if:

You’ve tried every other diet out there.

You’ve given up over and over.

Stressed out about the whole ordeal of dieting.

You’ve been judged for always starting another diet and never succeeding.

You know it’s not just about the food.

Low self esteem keeps getting in your way.

You’re embarrassed about how you look in your clothes.

You’ve been wanting to move up in your job but afraid of the attention it will bring to you.

You find it easier to hide under layers of clothing.


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The Benefits that you will receive:










The Body Confidence Formula:

90 days to Stress-Free Weight Loss

What others are saying:

“Working with Terri in her EFT weight loss group has been very effective. I’ve uncovered so much more than I ever would have thought. Not only have I lost weight but I’ve also lost the emotional stress I’ve been carrying around for years.”  Tammy B., Birmingham, AL

“I ‘m so happy that I’ve been losing weight from working with Terri. Everyone is beginning to notice a difference in me! Even one of my co-workers has asked to come with me to one of her classes!”     Lisa H, Birmingham, AL

“I’ve lost 30lbs and more than half way to my goal to loose 50lbs. Normally, I would have given up by now. But working with Terri and using EFT has added a additional level of support and help. The tapping has helped me to understand the connection of over eating and emotional eating. I never realized it was so connected how much I was stuffing my feelings along with the food. I have to admit, I am a shower tapper too.. well bathtub anyway! It really works!”   Katie H, Birmingham, AL




My story:

When I was 11 years old, I was taken to the “Fat Doctor”.  I was the fat kid in my family.  Every week, I would sit in the reception room and stare at all the other people knowing my turn to go in his office was coming.  I was always riddled with anxiety and worry about what the scale would say. I knew the reprimand I would get from him if  I hadn’t lost any weight or if I had gained some.   I had to face it each week because  that was the only way to get my diet pills.   And the diet pills were the only way I knew how to lose my pre-adolescent weight.  It was brutal and rude.  But it worked .. for about half a year …but then the weight seem to always come back on. And the trips to the fat doctor would begin again… continuing into my high school years.  

As I look back on that now, it has become a gift.  I say a gift because it led me to start learning about my health.. eating better foods, yoga and exercise which brings me to the present.  A healthy, vibrant and confident woman.  I am happy to say at the age of 58, I take no medications, practice yoga daily, hike, bike, practice energy work, and LOVE TO EAT healthy foods.  I studied the diets and tried many but my favorite comes from the teachings of Ayurveda where eating is a way of living.. it’s the sister to yoga.. it’s all about energy and life!  In any given season, I may up or down a few pounds but that is life and that is ok.  

My mission is to help others take away the stress of dieting and begin to feel confident 

I know this is a sensitive subject for many including myself.  But this is my gift in helping you.  It’s not about being rude and crude.  It’s about a healthy and happy lifestyle that will last.  It’s a journey with a spiritual experience.

Book your free Body Confidence Assessment Evaluation now so you can begin a stress free lifestyle of health, happiness and body confidence!  Book NOW!

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