Terri Ann Heiman – creator of the Empowered Spirit Tarot deck and Adventures of the Empowered Spirit Study Book, has opened up the idea of Tarot Reading in a new and exciting way.

All too often the Tarot gets a bad rap being called an occult, evil, or devils work but this is just not so. The Tarot teaches you how to slow down and open up to all the signs and symbols around you, including those you may not be able to see.

Her latest creative project came out of her own questions during the covid lockdown.

“What I noticed that it wasn’t possible to listen to the media and news for all the answers,.there was just too much duality in the stories to follow. I knew there had to be a way to figure it all out.”

Her own skills in the Healing Arts offered her the tools to go within. The creative process affording me the time to sit, get quiet and look for deeper possibilities. This creative time lead to one thing after another and pretty soon the creation of the Empowered Spirit Tarot Deck came alive.

Through her private mentoring, she teaches using the Oracles, which the Tarot is, as a way to access your Intuition and Inner guidance. The more you access your intuition, the more it will grow. Using the Tarot teaches you how to look for the signs and symbols in your life. It will help you uncover hidden information that lives in the subconscious.

Combining the intuitive teachings of the oracles with Spiritual practices, helps to reinforce the work of Spirit. It opens the imagination to the imaginable realm of possibilities..

The Deck consists of 78 cards including the Major, Minor and People cards. The artwork is by artist, Lorri Hanna and created from watercolors and ink and then shot digitally for production.

Terri has been working in the Healing Arts for over 20 years beginning with crystals and stones creating Healing Jewelry. She began working with Reiki Energy in 1997 training in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of natural healing. In 1999 she was awarded the ultimate degree of Reiki Master

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