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Ever have a GUT FEELING that you wanted to act upon but thought your colleagues might think you were crazy?

Ever wanted to make a business decision based on a HUNCH but just didn’t have the confidence to trust it?

Gut feeling is instinct! 

Developing intuition is a skill that you can learn and practice to gain the confidence to act on these feelings…even in Business!

Intuitive training develops our sixth sense to solving problems for ourselves and others.  

Whether we realize it or not, instinct does come into play on many of the decisions we make in our job. A recent survey conducted by OfficeTeam found that 88 percent of administrative professionals often make decisions based on gut instinct.  Gut instinct is intuition

Let’s take these techniques off the cushion and out into our business world!

This class is for business women, entrepreneurs, healers and professionals.

We all have a way that we process energy.  Determining our natural gift is the way we begin to trust our own intuitive power.

Going into our intuitive nature, takes us within the spirit to understand at a higher level the answers to our questions through inner perception rather than the logical and rational thinking.

We all process energy in one way or another.

Each week, we will look at the techniques to enhance our intuition & psychic abilities as we apply them to the business world.

Visualize your next client… imagine your income growing… intuit the decisions you need to make…

Learn what your natural gift is and how to apply it to help you live in the flow of your work.

Know, see, feel and hear where your path is at any given time.

Quote_FirstTerri is an extremely gifted and intuitive healer. I first met Terri when I was going through a difficult divorce. She used a combination of crystals, light, hands-on healing and gentle intuitive guidance to help me find my way back to my true self. Terri is very good at bringing you out of darkness and back into the light with patience, love and understanding. She is very knowledgeable in energetic healing modalities which she demonstrates daily in her own relationships, art and personal health. I highly recommend having a session with Terri.

Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant/Author, – Tori Quisling, M.Ed, Clairvoyant Practitioner -NY Center for Clairvoyant Development

– Help you to understand the way in which you process energy.

– Explore Clairvoyance – clear seeing

– Explore Clairsentience – clear feeling

– Explore Clairaudience – clear hearing

– Explore Claircognizance – clear knowing

– Show you how to ground your energy

– Teach you how to protect yourself from psychic attack

– Teach you how to use intuition to make decisions

– Teach you how to clear your energy from others

– Offer your the practice to gain confidence


Quote_FirstFinding Natural Forces Studio, and owner Terri Heiman was such a gift to me. Working with Terri I have been able to explore my intuitive abilities , learn Reiki energy healing history and healing techniques, and receive healing energy both in an individual and group setting. I have benefited immensely energetically, emotionally, and physically. – Emily Tucker – – Birmingham, AL


Natural Forces Studio

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