New Date – October 19, 2019

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Developing Your Intuition: A Decision-Making Tool

Forma Arts & Wellness – 1820 Third Avenue North – Birmingham

Intuition is a key component of decision-making.

Hosted by one of Birmingham’s  experienced teacher of Intuition and  Spiritual Counselor,  Terri Ann Heiman will help you to develop your intuitive skills.  We all possess them in latent form but usually don’t know how to access, understand, or use our innate abilites.

Guest Speaker:   Michelle  Holmes: Intuitive Coaching

Discover meditation and visualization exercises designed to activate and hone specific intuitive capacities, explore techniques to heighten your senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

  • Sacred Space – Free Checklist to Setting up Your Own Space

  • Meditation – To Quiet the Ego to Become Aware of Your Guidance

  • Intuitive Exercises – Practice is Key!

  • Networking – Connect with a Community of Like Minded Souls

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