Everyday Reiki – How to use these 5 Principles to Live in the NOW!


Do you ever feel like you are just out there in the world?


Perhaps you’ve been trying to grow your work, increase your business, or try something new.. like living your purpose?

You’re really standing on the edge…

And then that vulnerability comes up?

And it make you wonder and doubtful about how to make choices in your life?

Like..what your should have done yesterday or  what to do next.. or how to live tomorrow because this new path you are blazing holds so much uncertainty?

What I have found that keeps me grounded in my work and not going to far off on that second guessing myself path is to turn to the 5 principles of Reiki.

Living in that … Just for today.. is a practice we can get into each and every single day.

As we run our energy.. as we think  our ba-zillion thoughts. 

Just for today brings us right into that present moment of just being, of letting everything else fall off our shoulders.  

Sometimes I can even feel the energy coming right into me through my crown chakra from just saying those 3 words .. JUST FOR TODAY.

And then when I get really specific and go into the uncertainty I can apply the rest of the principle.

So whether its worry, anger, being honest with myself, honoring others or just lacking in gratitude, the principle comes in to move all that stuff away and brings me right back to living in the moment… not the thoughts of yesterday or the issues of tomorrow..  but being in the NOW!

Those three words.. Just for today carries this powerful vibration.  It raises our energy and allow that less than energy to be gone.

Which would you rather find yourself in?

That storm field or being present in the NOW?

Hanging out in space or grounded on your path?

Just .. for .. today.

A simple phrase yet oh so powerful for actually living in the now.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “The now seems so small at first, a little segment between past and future, and yet all of life’s power is concealed within it.”