Have you forgotten the gift and living to honor the servant?
“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”   Albert Einstein

Have you forgotten your own gift?

Have you lost yourself to being a servant of your mind?

Do you believe in tapping into the deeper resources of yourself?

When we can activate the spirit and release the intuitive self we can find that purpose that drives the passions of our life to be fully present.

All too often, I see those that are just zooming around, without going within, only to find a discontent to living and then continually searching on the outside for satisfaction and peace.

When we can tap into our own inner knowing we can find a life of purpose and be so   much more content with our own self.  We all have the ability to intuitively capture the inner guidance for our lives.

April was an extremely hard month to maneuver through. The cosmos were alive and pushing us all to wake up! Did you feel like you were on a roller coaster? Have you been experiencing the ups and downs?

As we move into May, many of us are wondering what the heck has been going on?

Many of us are seeing the clutter of our lives distracting us from living in the present moment!  And not even knowing this!

So what do we do?

In one simple word… STOP!

Just stop each and everyday and slow down.

Take a step back.

Come into the moment  and notice where your breathe is.

Notice what you are tapping in to…

Is it the many “things” in your life?

Or is it the inner spirit of your soul?

How many times a day do you notice this?

We can’t even begin to know these things until we can quiet the mind and tap into our own intuition.

The only way we can capture this is to slow down, activate the breathe and listen to the silence within.

That silence which leads us to listening to a deeper voice within.

Our own voice.. our own intuition.

Intuition is the ability to perceive information without reason.

We all have a way to perceive and interpret energy.  It is something we can learn.

When we become a slave to our mind, we get into all kinds of excuses.  We rationalize everything away from living a life of purpose.  We think we aren’t in charge of our life at all.

But really, we can learn to change this.

It all begins with stopping!

Yes, it is that easy yet many of us don’t do this.  Life overtakes us and we can’t seem to find the breaks.

Our ego keeps us on the treadmill of our life.

As a teacher of spiritual development, I can tell you that it is just that easy but we must make ourselves stop.

One moment of slowing down and consciously choosing to breathe is a meditation.

And then from there we extend that moment into many…. little by little … it begins to add up.

Our awareness then grows and this is where we begin to tune into our intuition and access the mysteries of our life.

Intuition is a skill you can deepen.  It’s a skill that we can train for our highest good.

The year of the horse is galloping on.

Time is speeding up.

In order to appreciate the gallop, pull in the reins just a little and slow down.

Become the master of your gift.. your spirit!


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  • One moment of slowing down and consciously choosing to breathe is a meditation.  Buffer