Spinning in Circles

Does it seem like you’re spinning in circles all the time?

Do you seem to be caught in the same rut? 

Could you really use a change in direction right about now? 

Let me tell you this story about a client of mine that recently learned some new skills from taking one of my energy classes.

She was always getting in her own way.  Running around in circles and never getting anything accomplished.  She was always stuck in the same issue… over and over.

“If only the world would stop for a day, then maybe I could catch up!”

Well, after taking the class, she began to use the skills daily.  

A few minutes in the morning and a few more minutes before bed.  

Sometimes even during her lunch hour she would take the time to stop,  slow down and breathe.

All of a sudden she found she was starting to feel a difference. 

She was starting to feel calmer, more focused and better able to use her time. 

No longer was she running around, always in a panic to be somewhere on time.  No more running in circles.

She found that as she grew calmer, she began to sleep better.  

And, as she was sleeping better, her ability to plan her time was getting better as well.  That little song of needing the world to stop  –  gone!  

And now – whistling through her days. Well, maybe not whistling,  but the rest is true!  She continues to  notice remarkable differences occurring in her life!

And so can you. 

Finding the tools to help you move through your day and create a healthy environment is exactly what we all need!

Check out this video meditation.  It takes less than 4 minutes.   Let me know what you begin to notice for yourself.  

Let’s begin:


… go ahead.. a take a really really deep breathe… breath in and then on the exhale.. send that breathe out into all these circles that you’ve been running in as if you are on a racetrack.  And take another deep breathe in and exhale out.  Now image that race track slowing down… slowing down and slowing down until it comes to a halt.  And take another deep breath in.    Now visualize yourself standing still…. really still.  See the track turning into a field of green grass.  And breath in again and exhale slowly.  Now see yourself turning to your left… and walking in that field of green… right into a beautiful rose garden.  No grooves… no ruts.. just beautiful, fresh energy.  Breath in… and exhale long and slow… let go of the stress… let go of the circles… and find a new path.. just for you!  Bring your awareness back to the body.

And remember.. you can learn to tap into your spirit and shine your light, that light that only you can share with the world!

Shine on!