Andrea N. – March 2016

Right before I started this program (Empowered Spirit Program), I went through several years in an unhealthy relationship and ultimately a bad divorce.  I was experiencing emotional pain,physical pain, and questioning my spirituality… wanting to explore more into that world to feel a sense of security again.  Meeting Terri and eventually starting the Empowered Spirit Program helped me to do just aht.. I found my spirituality again and found a way to ground my energy so that I feel secure in my own thought and feelings.  Now I am more confident and better about intuitively sensing other people’s energy and knowing how to block it so that I am not taking on someones else’s energy.  I haven’t had any physical pain issues since I started the program either!  I can say that this program was truly life changing in so many ways.!!   


Theresa R. – Dec 2015

I would highly recommend the ESP program.  Spending time with Terri is invaluable for gaining insight and perspective.   Her energy is uplifting and i left every session feeling brighter.  I gained skills that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life and for that I am very grateful.  Absolutely worth the investment of your time and money.


Lisa Crymes – March 2015

Twitter: @lisacrymes

The mentoring time I spent with Terri was very special and helpful to me in many ways.  She helped me understand the importance of having  a consistent meditation and journaling practice. Also, she provided me with several techniques to protect my energy especially in relationships. I really liked the time we spent together and was able to take away several valuable tools that I have incorporated into my life. I highly recommend working with Teri as a mentor for spiritual development.


Karen Rankin- March 2015

When I came to see Terri Heiman, I was seeking guidance and mentoring on how to escape lingering negativity and anger in my life. Finding some peace and a better sense of calm in my day to day life was essential to my well being, and I had high hopes of her ability to help me achieve that.

Working with Terri in a mentoring setting was valuable because she helped me to see the importance of creating my own consistent meditation practice.  I have found that learning how to be quiet and listen to myself has helped me immeasurably. She also offered me several techniques to protect my energy from being dumped on especially in my work environment.  I have been able to use these techniques in several areas of my life, both personal and professional. I especially loved that I learned to create happiness for myself from within.  Her energy sessions were very valuable for moving out the old stuff!  I would definitely recommend working with Terri as a mentor for spiritual development.

I am grateful that I invested the time, energy and funds that I did to spending time with Terri. I now possess tools and skills that will help me throughout my life and that I can pass along to my daughters and friends.  Her help was truly a gift that will keep on giving.

With gratitude,

Karen Rankin


Jonie Adams – August 1, 2014

Check it out! Terri Ann Heiman can help you find direction and give you tools for your journey through Tarot reading and Reiki reading. Personal experience with Terri: Like sitting with a sister, a priest, a counselor, and a master all at one time.

Nothing to lose and you get to spend time with a special person in our community. Right here in Birmingham, AL. Who would have known?!


Words cannot express the gratitude for my teacher, Terri A Heiman,RMT. My journey of Reiki began by Attending Terri's Reiki circles as well as individual sessions. Terri allowed me to work through the challenges I was facing with non judgement and compassion. Her grounded nature was very comforting for me. Terri has a unique down to earth manner which I resonated with. Her knowledge of energy work and teaching is a passion that Terri exudes. I am proud to say I have completed all levels of Reiki with Terri. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have established my own healing business. Terri's words that I hear over and over again are "Do your work". Those words and her support, allow me to share and teach Reiki with myself and others. I feel blessed~

Tina M. Conroy,RMT, RYT

Director of Energy and Healing PRACTICE Body Mind Soul Co.


Terri is an extremely gifted and intuitive healer. I first met Terri when I was going through a difficult divorce. She used a combination of crystals, light, hands-on healing and gentle intuitive guidance to help me find my way back to my true self. Terri is very good at bringing you out of darkness and back into the light with patience, love and understanding. She is very knowledgeable in energetic healing modalities which she demonstrates daily in her own relationships, art and personal health. I highly recommend having a session with Terri.

Tori Quisling, Clairvoyant/Author,

Tori Quisling, M.Ed, Clairvoyant Practitioner

NY Center for Clairvoyant Development

*Featured in the NY Daily News


I am a 39 year old breast cancer survivor who incorporated Reiki into my treatment process. I was introduced into Reiki in November 2006, while I was undergoing Chemotherapy treatments, after recovery from a double mastectomy and a diep flap reconstruction, a 19 hour surgery! Due to the surgery and chemo my energy levels was quite depleted, I was in a lot of pain and feeling depressed. The reiki treatments provided me with a boost of energy and sort of a recirculation of light throughout my body. Terri, Reiki Master and Spiritual Minister, played a tremendous role in tapping into my spirit and soul that enabled me to relax my body and mind, while refocusing my energy into a productive avenue. She incorporated chanting tones, lights, and essential oils to enhance the experience.

Deborah J Adler
Roslyn, NY


Finding Natural Forces Studio, and owner Terri Heiman was such a gift to me. Working with Terri I have been able to explore my intuitive abilities , learn Reiki energy healing history and healing techniques, and receive healing energy both in an individual and group setting. I have benefited immensely energetically, emotionally, and physically.

I sought help during a time of complicated bereavement due to the loss of my mom. Through energetic healing exercises and meditation, I found so much more than relief from pain. I found hope, healing, new skills, strengths, and life lessons. Energy work has been so helpful in aligning my spiritual and physical self.  I feel more congruent, balanced, and at peace than I have throughout most of my life.

As a worker in a healing profession myself, I know the impact helping others, without maintaining proper self-care, can have. Compassion fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, difficulty sleeping… the list goes on. Energy work and learning to meditate have been for me, excellent tools in maintaining my personal balance and emotional strength through challenges. I feel more balanced and grounded and am able to provide better care and attention to my clients because of this new found energy and stability.

I highly recommend 1:1 energetic/Reiki healing or classes with Terri. Group classes that I can personally recommend cover intuition development, energy techniques and  meditation practices. Terri is also an excellent yoga instructor. If you are feeling run down, fatigued, especially despite attempts to correct with diet and exercise, I cannot not emphasize enough the benefits of meditation and energy work. Thank you Terri and the Universe for helping me on this journey!

Emily Tucker,

Client & Student
Birmingham, AL


Hi Terri,
Signed the final agreement this week, judge signed off on it yesterday. I thought I would feel loss, but I finally feel free to live my own life, feel relief from the anger and anxiety of the past three years, and feel pity for him because he is obviously still lost in the negativity he has cultivated in his life. Now I can really, officially start chapter two, and feel so much closer to finding peace. Thank you for helping me get through those early months, and teaching me how to help myself get through to the end of the process.

Karen Escolas
Port Washington, NY


Natural Forces Studio

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