How to Take Charge of your Wounded Child

When it comes to taking care of our children, especially wounded children, most us of tend to jump right in and help release the pain and suffering.

Yet, when it comes to the wounded child deep within ourselves, we tend to jump right out and overlook it.
The wounded child is an archetype or energy imprint that we all have.  It was created when we were about the age of 3 or 4 years old.
It lives within our spirit.
It comes in to play when we least want it to show up.
And when it shows its wounded emotions our entire energy system, physical body, and spirit can shut down… become blocked… hide within.
Yet if we give it the same attention we do our children… a little love, a little light.. a little attention.. it begins to release.
Attention is how we begin to take charge of our wounded child that is fueled by the limited beliefs we hold that stops us from living our life in abundance.
For instance, you’re on a call with a client.  You have an amazing service to offer them that calls to their soul.  You know they are struggling right now and that you could help them… but instead of offering the service .. you become afraid.  No matter that it could really change the direction of their struggles, the fear is greater.  It triggers deep within an incident that happened when you were younger… you called a parent to ask them to bring you home a paintbrush… but the answer you got was.. I don’t have time to stop for that.  Why are you bothering  me right now ….????  The tears fall.. you hang up the phone with fear and rejection.
Instead of taking charge of the wounded child you allow it to take charge of you because that fear is still held in the body.  The energy was never resolved.
With the help of EFT you can bring up these scenarios and tap on them to release the energy that traps and binds you from moving forward. 
EFT is an energy technique that is based on tapping the issues right out of the body thus clearing the energy meridians. Once the meridians are clear, energy flows again.
Without  even having to understand why we can tap them out of  the body to get your energy flowing again and trusting your work as valuable and worth its price without any judgement.  Opps!  That’s another wounded child.. named Judgement.

As The Healer’s Money Mentor™ I have worked with so many clients that are stuck in this pattern of working and spinning in circles.  I’ve seen the under-charging and over-giving way too many times.  I’ve seen the burn out from self sabotage.
I’ve also seen the amazing and healing way that EFT has busted through the limited beliefs of the  wounded child and opened up the avenues to SUCCESS and financial freedom.  With the help of these Emotional Freedom Techniques you will tap all those limited blocks right out of the body and raise your wealth consciousness immediately.  
Is your wounded child showing up more than you would like it to?
Do you notice yourself talking yourself out of making new decisions with your life?
Do you have too much chit chat going on in your head all the time?
I know how easy it is to let that part of your ego take over.
I know how easy it is to continually shove it down as if that child part didn’t exist.
Have you been reading these posts and thinking maybe you do want to get rid of that wounded child and those limited beliefs within you but don’t want to invest in yet another technique?
I know this feeling too.
Oh yea.. Ter.. here you go again trying something else… oh yea.. Ter…you’re suppose to be saving money now ..oh yea..  Ter..are you  really going to use what you buy… etc etc etc.
But on the flip side… major changes and results can happen! 
EFT is an amazing tool in that it is life changing.  It can be used for any self limited belief.
Tapping on the energy meridians of the body initiates an electrical impulse through the body that breaks up disturbances and gets the energy moving in an abundant flow. 
It releases the trapped emotions that have been stored in the body for ages. 
About 98% of the time, we have no idea that we are storing these old limited beliefs.
All we recognize is that we aren’t creating the results we want.