What is Reiki?

Reiki – pronounced Ray-kee – is an energy medicine practice that originated in Japan. In Reiki, the practitioner places his hands on or near the person receiving treatment, with the intent to transmit ki, believed to be a life-force energy.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (http://nccam.nih.gov) recognizes Reiki as part of complementary and alternative medicine and places it within a domain (area of knowledge) called Energy Medicine. In this domain, therapies are based on the belief that disturbances in energy cause illness. Energy medicine practitioners seek to improve the flow and balance of energy in a beneficial way.

Reiki supports one’s physical and spiritual healing when facing illness. Reiki restores balance to the body which in turn helps the body to heal.  It is a subtle Japanese technique based on the principle that each of us has unseen life force energy. When we are out of balance, we feel stressed and are prone to illness. The Reiki technique promotes a relaxation and healing response.  The techniques can be applied to oneself or to others. It can help to relieve the side effects of treatments, to encourage a sense of well being and to promote recovery.

Reiki is a therapy that one delivers through one’s hands with the intent to raise the amount of ki in and around the body. A treatment can be administered on a table, in a chair, or even in a bed. The practitioner places their hands on the patient and moves through a series of hand positions (12-15) balancing the body’s energy systems and working with all layers of the aura. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers are addressed, cleared and balanced during session. A typical session last between 30 and 60 minutes. It is generally recommended that treatments be in a series of three.

Reiki is a modality that one can learn to use on one’s self. It is an excellent tool that one can use for life. Once attuned to the energy of Reiki, one is attuned for life.

People have sought Reiki treatment for a wide variety of reasons:

  • stress
  • depression
  • chronic pain
  • recovery from surgery
  • side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer
  • lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • improving immunity
  • mental clarity
  • sense of well being
  • spirituality
  • palliative care

History of Reiki:

There are many beliefs about the origin of Reiki. One is that it is based on Tibetan sutras (texts of Buddhism) written by monks. Sources agree that in the mid-19th century, Dr. Usui, a Japanese physician and monk, developed this healing approach and spiritual path. One of Dr. Usui’s students, Dr. Hayashi, a naval officer and doctor, further developed these teachings and opened his own clinic in Tokyo, where in 1936; an American named Hawayo Takata went for treatment. Later, she trained in Reiki, became the third Grand Master, and is credited with introducing Reiki to the West in the late 1930s.

Usui Reiki degrees:
Originally, Reiki was only practiced by monks and holy men. Today, however, Reiki has become increasingly popular in the self help arena because anyone can be trained in this Ancient Healing Art and treat themselves and their family. Every home benefits with someone attuned to Reiki.

Reiki 1 is an introduction to energy systems and the 5 principals of Reiki. Students receive the sacred Reiki 1 attunements. Appropriate for everyone. Certificate awarded.

Reiki 2 teaches the first 3 Reiki healing symbols and long distance healing. Students receive the sacred level 2 attunements. Appropriate for those that want to expand on Reiki 1. Certificate awarded.

Reiki 3 – Master/Practitioner is an advanced practitioner degree which includes healing protocols, case studies, personal exploration and healer/client ethics. Appropriate for healers and caregivers. Certificate awarded.

Reiki 3 – Master/Teacher is an advanced practitioner degree which takes the student deeper into the practice of living Reiki. The student learns how to pass the sacred attunements and teach all levels of Reiki. Additional readings, exercises and community service are required. Appropriate for those committed to healing service. Certificate awarded.

Initial Energy Session – $125

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