Relax, Your Spiritual Development Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard!

Need to take charge of your spirituality?

Seem to be a little off your mark lately?

Keep saying you’re going to get to that meditation practice .. tomorrow?

Tomorrow not coming soon enough?

Relax, it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Many people think it takes lots of time to meditate and develop a relationship with their spirit.

But the truth is, spiritual development can be as easy as 1.. 2.. 3.

Three minutes a day can get you on your way to sitting still.

To slowing down.

To finding that voice inside that connects you to your soul.

All too often, I’ve see many who think that they have to sit for long periods of time, upright, chanting strange mantras in order to stop the mind.

The truth of this matter is .. the mind never stops.

But you can slow it down.

And you can begin with sitting quietly 3 mins at a time.

Use your timer.

Use your breath.

Especially when you are busy.

Surely, you can offer yourself these 3 minutes.

And these 3 minutes can be doubled and even tripled once you get going.

When you are ready.

But each and every day… no matter what.

Commit to the minutes.

Commit to sitting quietly with your spirit.

And before you know it… your spiritual practice will exist.

You’ll begin to hear your own thoughts.

You’ll even begin to listen to them.

You’ll see the spiritual influences.

You’ll even begin to act on them.

You’ll notice a higher vibration of energy surrounding you.

You’ll find meaning in your life.

You’ll even be better at connecting to your purpose.

You’ll find compassion for yourself and others.

All by committing to 3 minutes a day of sitting still.

Start now.

Sitting up.. inhale

Set your timer.

I know you have one. We all do. On our smart phone.

And then quietly, begin to notice the thoughts.

Add some space between them.

Let them go.

No attachments.

I believe in the spirit

I believe within each of us is a force fueling our passions and driving us to live our spiritual path.

Simply put… it doesn’t have to be so hard!