Resolutions or Intentions… what’s the difference?

Sunday, January 4th  is the first full moon of the year.  The moon is in Cancer offering us a great deal of feminine energy allowing us to really go within our spirit and seek the answers we need.   The Cancer Full moon illuminates how well our reality is serving our life.  Her radiant glow allows us to see our lives and the changes we want to create. 

The cosmic aspects at this time are allowing us the opportunity to review where we are coming from and how we want to move forward.  Starting the year off on a full moon vrs a new moon affords us this time. For soon the new moon will be here and it’s best to have these intentions set by then. 

Or it is better to set resolutions moving forward?

What’s the difference?

Is one more effective to set than the other?   

Resolutions resolve NOT to do something again.

Intentions set the path for new ways to come in.

Resolutions are restricting.

Intentions are freeing.

Many times resolutions  have negative connotations and bring in negative energy.

Think about it… Thoughts follow energy.  What you put out there is what comes back to you.

All the more reasons to set your intentions  in a positive manner.

One of the ways to hold on to the energy of your intentions during the year is to choose one word that sums them up.

One word that propels you forward with these intentions in mind. 

What is that word for you?

The more you clarify it, the greater the chances are for bringing  your intentions in.  

As the year moves forward, it’s easy to forget all those things we want, yet with one word to carry us through it strengthens our desires and helps us stick to what we set. 

If you are having trouble finding your word try this:

1) Write down all the words that holds the energy of your intentions – make a list.

2)  If you have a few words but they don’t seem quite right, try  looking them up in a Thesaurus for a similar yet better word.

3) Once you have your list, come to your meditation cushion and hold the list in your hands.

4)  If you practice Reiki, send Reiki into the list.

5) Take 5 deep inhales and exhales as you clear your mind.

6) Bring in your guides and angels and ask for their guidance on this.

7) Sit quietly in meditation

8) Notice the word that comes forward for you.

As that word comes forward be sure to write it down in BIG BOLD letters.

Put it where you will see it.

Come back to it often to remind you of your intentions for this year.

Be positive and intent for all good things to come in.

2015 is a year of infinite potential.  It’s a year of abundance and prosperity.  Anything is possible.  Intent BIG!

To your Spirit!

Happy New Year!