Crystal Zen

All forces of nature work together.

Celebrate and honor the stones and metals formed from the forces and power of the four sacred elements.

Air… Fire… Earth… Water.

Let them protect you, secure you, and inspire you… today and everyday.

From the high vibrations of herkimer diamonds to the positive, magnifying energy of tourmalines stones or utilizing the grounding forces of hematites, together we can create the combinations that work for you to magnify your own personal statements of intention.

Intuitive Crystal Session -Personal Statement of Intention:  by appointment

Rose Quartz Mala - Self Love

Align with the crystal energy of the chakra stones.

Feel their energy.

Come into the moment.

Chant Om. Say your prayers.

Be grateful for your life.

Find peace in the moment.

Hold that thought… hold it longer.

Send your blessings of gratitude and peace out to all.

Metals – Properties and Spiritual Significance:

Gold – The Yang Energy, masculine and powerful. A strong metal for supporting the power of stones.

Silver – The Yin Energy, feminine and intuition. A soft metal for enhancing the beauty of stones.

Bronze – A metal of mixed energy.

Copper – Medicinal Value – Often prescribed by great Yogis for healing purposes.

Seven most powerful stones to include in sacred jewelry:Web_Phenite

Herkimer Diamonds – High vibration bringing in the 9th chakra energy.

Pyrite – brings in the Will and grounds into the physical.

Fluorite – Emotional balancing stone.

Quartz (crystal, amethyst, citrine, rose)

Hematite – Grounding and reflective. An excellent stone for healers.

Tourmalines – Positive and affirming.

Kyanite – Alignment and perseverance

Natural Forces Logos

Working with the elements:


Water – the emotions and love element – “Love”
Air – the mental element – “Communications & Success”
Earth – the grounding and protective force – “Grounding & Protection”
Fire – the passion and desire element – “New Directions”
Spirit – the Etheric connection “Healing & Self Empowerment”









Phenite_Rutilated Quartz


photo (20)Sacred Objects:

Sacred Pouches and Cloths for Tarot and Oracle Cards

Selenite Wand for Clearing the Auric  Field

Natural Forces Studio

To Your Spirit!.

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