I work with the following energy modalities:

Reiki Energy … Pranic Healing … Crystal Energy…. Light Therapy .. Emotional Freedom Technique … Intuition … Essential oils.. and the Tarot.

Through the spirit one comes alive and truly lives.

When you can unite with that higher self in a perpetual state of consciousness, you can heal your soul and move toward greater peace in our life.

Fine the path you were chosen to live by tapping into your own energy system and the light of higher consciousness. Be a part of the new earth and awaken to the vibration of your soul.

Personal programs and guidance available to balance the issues of stress management, depression, illness, cancer support, divorce recovery, and care giving for all transitions in life.

My gift is in guiding you within and attuning your energy to align with the elements of life.


Natural Forces Studio

To Your Spirit!.

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