Energy Work  – Hands on Energy session utilizing the modalities of Reiki, Crystals, Color, Sound Bowl and Integrated Energies Therapies.

Intuitive Readings  – Gain Clarity within your life with an Intuitive Reading.  They can help you to: – Break through emotional blocks that hold you back – Receive guidance to help sort out your life and release whatever is holding you back – Move forward with your purpose in life – Heal the emotions that perpetuate unhealthy habits  – Understand yourself and y our relationships better.


Through the spirit one comes alive and truly lives. When we can unite with that higher self in a perpetual state of consciousness, we can heal our soul and move toward greater peace in our life. Fine the path you were chosen to live by tapping into your own energy system and the light of higher consciousness. Be a part of the new earth and awaken to the vibration of your soul.

My gift is in guiding you within and attuning your energy to align with the elements of life.

* Anticipated Outcome:

* After working together, we will identify how you are stuck and what got you there.

*Vision for the Future – One of the most frustrating parts of being “stuck,” is not knowing what it is that you really want. We will work together to connect to your spirit and get clear on what it is that you want to manifest in your life.

* Action Plan- We will develop a Personal Program just for you to help you move forward.

* We will begin to create a sacred space for you to do your work and live your pupose.

* Bonus:  Permission to Shine!*


Initial Energy Session – $125

*24 hr cancellation notice required or charges for your session will be applied.*

Spiritual Mentoring

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