yesIs Spirituality on your daily to-do list?

Or is it something that’s only added when you’re in a crisis?

Spirituality is an everyday practice, not just for times of intense difficulty and sickness.

Most people think that they can only call on spirit to help them in these situations.

But the truth is, we can call on our spiritual practice at anytime.

In fact, as I see it, we can tap into our spirit every single day!

We don’t have to have a traumatic event to dive into the deeper resources of our soul.

We don’t have to push it aside until something really bad comes up.

But I know.

For most people sitting still and connecting with spirit is a time thing.

Like.. just too busy.

I generally like to sit with my spirit early in the morning. I’m fresher…the world hasn’t started.. I’m not rushed.. it’s quiet. But sometimes I wake up a little later than I should or I like to write first and then I come to my cushion. That’s when I can see (like others) the impatience of life coming forward.. hurry up hurry up hurry up.. and then I laugh at myself.. because this is my work… knowing my spirit .. teaching others to know there spirit.. and I laugh because it shows me how easy it is to push it aside.. it’s not on my list today.. I’ll come back to it tomorrow…

Yet it is on the list today.

It underlies everything we do.

Every contract we make with another person.. another soul… the spirit is within this connection.

It’s in everything we align ourselves with… the trees.. the stars… our work and our play.

What if we all were taught early on.. each and every day to sit quietly.. calming the mind. .. listening to the voice within.. writing it down.. all of it.. messages and thoughts.

Imagine the directions you could uncover about your path.

Imagine the connection to yourself… to the universe.. and everyone around you.

If we cleared the chatter and understood the importance of taping into spirit, perhaps we could begin to live with this knowing, this creative imagining.

We could begin to feel the interconnectedness of all life.

We could begin to direct our lives towards our purpose rather than only dealing with it in trauma.

What if tapping into our spirituality each day orchestrated the miracles in our lives?

And if time is your issue (being too busy) and maybe you’re not sick or in crisis but just not living a purpose or perhaps living someone else’s purpose, and you find that all you do is complain and you’re unhappy.. whoa!

Or maybe you are happy and excited with your life but could use a little more purpose to what you are doing…

Then Stop.

And Start getting up a few minutes early and sitting with your spirit.


Begin to tune in to what it is that is creating the unhappiness and the complaining and the lack that you are generating in your life.

In those calm moments, ask yourself what it is.

Ask yourself for clarity.

Ask for direction.

And as you notice the peace within, you will be guided to find that same peace all around you.

No need for a crisis.

Try it.

Put it on your to-do list before you get to that point.

Spirit still listens.