Empowering the Body, Mind and Spirit

Using Mindfulness to Strengthen Your Career:

3 Easy and Powerful Techniques You Can Use While at Work

In this talk you will learn:

  • How mindfulness can help you to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • How to become more present and focused at work.

  • How you can increase your productivity.

Experience techniques to renew your energy, improve your focus and increase your productivity so that you can show up Empowered in your field of expertise.

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Who becomes inspired by hearing Terri speak?

  • Women who are stressed and burned out from overcoming a divorce or separation.

  • Individuals overcoming a life threatening illness and ready to thrive again.

  • Business professionals looking for that force within to make a change and move ahead.

My talks are part spiritual, part motivation and part energy attunement.  We all have a gift within just waiting to come out.  What is yours?

 It’s time to find new way to strengthen your career!

Topics I speak on:                                                                                           

Crisis to Calm

Reiki   A Natural Healing System –


Self Care is Simply Simple

 – The impotance of finding time for yourself no matter what

–  Starting with 5 mintues a day!

– Scientific Proof of brain transformation


Balancing Your Life in Wellness

– With AFEW elements you can create a balanced lifestyle

– Air – Fire – Earth – Water


Radical Transformation –

Living your Purpose with the help of EFT

Developing Intution

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki for Cancer Care

Energy Vibration Meditations

Sound Healing Meditations

Reiki & Restorative Yoga



A 45 minute keynote

A 45 minute keynote and a 45 minute break out sessions

A 10 minute inspirational speech

A 20 minute talk 


Where Does Terri Speak?
Women’s conferences, professional women’s groups, corporate settings, organizations, associations, conference, colleges, hospital and wellness groups.  


Places you can find me this:

Empowered Spirit Show– On all your favorite podcast apps – Apple Tunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

Natural Forces Studio – 605 37th Street South – A healing arts studio dedicated to Empowering the spirit! http://www.naturalforcesstudio.com/

Birmingham Yoga – Forest Park – 605 37th Street South – Birmingham, AL 35222 http://birminghamyoga.com/



Quote_First When Terri speaks its as if time stops and I become one with the present moment.  Thank you so much for guiding me within my own spirit!


Quote_FirstThank you for teaching me how to help myself get through to the end process.  K. Escolas


 How to book Terri:

For speaking engagements, customized talks, training, and media inquiries, please contact her at terri@naturalforcesstudio.com or by phone at 516-457-3885.



Natural Forces Studio

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