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Are you looking for a career path that will harness your spiritual and intuitive energies?

Have you taken a few Spiritual Energy Classes, but don’t know how to build a business from what you’ve learned?

You know that you have intuitive and healing gifts within, but you don’t know how to bring them forward in a cohesive way that makes you money.

Perhaps you have a massage practice or a yoga studio, and are interested in incorporating other modalities to support and strengthen the services you offer.

Whether you are starting from scratch or are running a healing practice that you’re looking to augment with other modalities, The Spiritual Development Academy will equip you with tools to heal in a variety of ways and teach you how to build a profitable business.  



About The Academy

In The Spiritual Development Academy™, you will receive training in 7 energy modalities, spiritual ceremonies, spiritual counselling, and the business fundamental to make them profitable.

The Modalities Include:


  • Reiki Master Teacher training in Reiki Energy – Gain the knowledge and confidence to begin teaching Reiki classes on your own

  • Intuitive DevelopmentIncrease your ability to read energy and offer healing at a deeper level so that you are able to get to the root causes of distress and more effectively help your clients.

  • Tarot/Angel Card ReadingsLearn to intuitively read the cards so that you can help your clients uncover blocks and information that might not show up in regular “talk” therapy.

  • Crystal EnergyUnderstand the properties and protocols of crystal energy and integrate them into your client’s life for greater health, well being, and protection.

  • Essential Oil Therapy –  Access the energy and pure vibrations of essential oils  as an energy medicine that offers an integrative alternative to over the counter medications and bandages.

  • MeditationExpand your personal meditation practice to strengthen your spiritual foundation.  A personal meditation practice is imperative to being an effective healer.

  • Emotional Freedom TechniqueLearn for yourself and how to facilitate others in tapping away the self limited beliefs that block living a life of freedom.

  • Spiritual CeremoniesLearn to guide others in spiritual ceremonies and orient yourself as a spiritual leader.

  • The Spirit of BusinessThe fundamentals of business building teach you to create a successful and profitable healing business.


When you’re profitable, you can be of service to more people.  


If you’re ready to take these spiritual techniques off the cushion and out into the Business World and effect greater change, then read on.

This Academy is Unlike Anything Available Today.

You may have attended classes on different modalities.

Perhaps you already have a few clients or a growing practice.


The in-depth study of these modalities offers more foundation than single classes.  Not only will we grow each month with the knowledge we are learning but also add to your foundation as we layer the modalities and their applications.


The Academy is especially unique in that it incorporates all the modalities to heal and empower others, and the business foundation to make them profitable.

Imagine …

Feeling utterly empowered as you go deep within and experience the miracles of Spirit, healing aspects of yourself that then opens you up to heal others.  

Visualize sitting in a circle of light as you attune your energies to a higher frequency while learning the interconnectedness of 7 modalities that are the future of health and wellness.  

Envision each week sitting in community with other like minded souls, and opening up the light body to a continuous wave of healing techniques as you build your spiritual toolbox and gain the confidence to work on others.

See yourself standing strong in your own business, utilizing these tools, and opening your doors to soulfully attract clients and build a profitable business centered on the skills you’ve learned.

It’s possible. Your dream of using your gifts and passions to heal others while at the same time owning a business that supports you spiritually and financially is here for you.


Your Fearless Healer, Terri Ann Heiman


Terri found her spiritual awakening in the late 90’s when her soulmate, father of her children, revealed his betrayal and announced his departure. Shocked, she realized she hadn’t been listening to any inner guidance.

Although she was lost and afraid, she had two small children who needed her, so instead of crumbling she dug deep inside to find her spirit and asked for the guidance to heal. After meeting her spiritual counselor who could work energetically with her to remove the blocks, let the past go, and connect with who she really was, her spirit came alive – and it wasn’t just ‘there’, it was screaming to find its way back in her life.

From that very first moment of tapping into her spirit, her life shifted. She changed her life, friends, and calling. She went back to school, studied healing arts and interfaith spiritual counseling – all the while, a single mom supporting her two children in New York City and Long Island – yes spirit was strong.

Two decades later, she’s been trained in 10 modalities, has thousands of hours of practicum, and teaches other gifted healers to build thriving business that help others tap into their spirit. She has been interviewed on ABC 33/40 and been published several times in Reiki News Magazine.  Her book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper is due out in 2014.


   I am blessed to call Terri not only my mentor and teacher but also friend.  I began working with Terri regularly in 2007 with Reiki, Meditation, Crystals, and the Angels.
Before meeting Terri,  my spiritual business was non existent.  I had little confidence and doubted that I could live my passion, life purpose and dream,  full time.  Boy, was I wrong!

Fast forward, and I am living proof of following your dreams and having a teacher to guide and support you along the way.  I am currently the Director of Energy Healing at Practice Body Mind Soul Co. located in Roslyn, New York. I offer  Reiki Certification Classes, Reiki Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counseling, Angel Readings, Meditations and much more.

The guidance and confidence I have received from Terri has allowed me to truly live my passion and dream.  I am living a life that I only dreamed of!”

Tina Conroy RMT – Director Energy Healing Practice Body Mind Soul Co. – Find Tina also on BlogTalk Radio:   


This course is online with two live events.

The first live event starts off the program and the second one will be held in the spring.


The power of The Academy comes from staying committed for 9 months. We will meet 3 Saturdays a month in 4 hour sessions.

The first week of each month will be allocated to completing all homework and assignments from the previous month.

If you can not make a session, replays will be provided immediately following each class and a report of the class will be required.

The live retreats will be offered to not only have the opportunity to meet each other but also to receive the energy attunements and attend earth ceremonies. The retreats are required.


Month by Month

Month 1

Usui Reiki Certification – Levels 1 & 2 (Live Event)

The natural system of Reiki underlies and connects to all the modalities that you will be learning throughout this entire program. By attuning our energy systems we become supported and protected by Spirit rather than drained through working with the energies of our clients.

Reiki 1 focuses on physical and self care. History, principles, energy systems, hand positions, treatment protocols. We must cleanse and heal ourselves first before we work on others.

Reiki 2 focuses on healing the mental and emotional layers of the body. Reiki 2 heals past lives and karma, works on addictions, and teaches manifesting skills. Long distance techniques are provided. Three of the five symbols are taught and how they are used and practiced. The power of Reiki is increased through the 2nd degree attunements.

 Certificate awarded at each level.

Live Retreat – 

 Delonga Spa & Resort

This will be our first opportunity to come together as a group as we join our energies and become familiar with each other. Part of this retreat will be allocated to attuning to the energy of Reiki as we raise your vibration to become a channel of energy.

Month 2

Intuitive Development

Intuitive training develops our sixth sense to solving answers for ourselves and our clients. It take us within the spirit to understand at a higher level the answers to questions through inner perception rather than the logical and rational thinking. 

We will explore the ways in which we receive and process energy. By determining your own natural ability we can begin to hone in on the skills to train this energy into the 4 clairs: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairessence.

This training will also include techniques on protecting our energy field by learning how to be strong in our aura so as not to take on the energies of our clients.

Group time will be encouraged to practice reading each other.


Month 3


Meditation is the number one tool for your own self development, and one that you must consistently utilize. By creating a personal meditation practice you will discover for yourself the benefits of increased calmness, physical relaxation, improved psychological balance,coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being.

As you experience these benefits, you will be better aligned with offering your clients the same techniques.


Month 4

Intuitive Tarot and Card Reading

The Tarot is a divination that gives you clarity not necessarily prediction.  It helps to uncover blocks and information that might not show up in regular talk therapy, and reveals information that encourages your clients to look at all aspects of their life with new perspective.

We will take what we’ve discovered about our own intuitive abilities, learn the meanings of the cards, and combine the two to offer readings.

Your ability to offer your clients these readings will lend confirmation to their path enabling them to feel empowered and supported through your sessions with them.

We will work with multiple card decks. You will be required to practice the techniques by giving readings for each other. It’s a fun requirement!


Month 5

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is an energy modality with a profound and lasting effect on the physical and emotional well being. Tapping, as it is also called, is a technique that addresses the negative emotions that get in the way of living our purpose.

EFT works simultaneously on the conscious and subconscious mind by balancing the energy of the body. First we remove the negative emotions and then we set up the energy system to receive the positive energies.

Leading your clients through tapping exercises is an excellent and effective tool to augment your practice.

Lesson 1 – Limited Beliefs that get in our way

Lesson 2 – Overwhelm and focus

Lesson 3 – Behaviors


Month 6

Spiritual Ceremonies

Spiritual Ceremonies include the energy of sacred circles and honoring of the sacred energies of Mother Earth. Fire, Air, Earth and Water are the elements of life that hold balance in a sacred flow. When we stop to honor our path in life and celebrate the cycles of time, we are able to acknowledge our accomplishments.

 Your role in these ceremonies positions you as a Spiritual Leader guiding and serving others.

Lesson 1:  Equinox, Solstice, Fire Ceremony,  Inipi, Medicine Wheel

Lesson 2:  Blessingways – Weddings – Birth – Coming of Age

Lesson 3:  Funerals – House Clearings – Misc


Month 7

Crystal Energy + Essential Oil Therapy -

Crystals and gemstones are from the Mineral Kingdom that have been growing within the earth since the beginning of time.  They hold the vibration of growth and evolution.  They are known for their use in physical, emotional and spiritual healing, spirit contact, psychic development, holistic healing and feng shui cures.

In working with crystals, you open up the connection to Mother Earth as you receive the messages and vibrations that this kingdom of minerals has to offer.

Essential oils offers another form of energy medicine to integrate into your practice as well as guide others with their usage. Having the knowledge to supplement these oils into a treatment quickens the level of healing as well as integrating them into everyday living for sustained wellness.


Month 8

Empowering the Business Spirit

Once we acquire the skills of healing, the way in which we implement them into a business plan is crucial.

Empowering the business mind is imperative to healing your money story so that you can be a successful Energy Healer in today’s market.  

Without a solid business foundation, your ability to help and heal will be limited.

 Topics we will cover:

Setting up a legal business – How you should structure your entity, and do you really need a lawyer?

Marketing – Learn how to offer your services without feeling pushing, salesy, or inauthentic.

Email Marketing – How to set up your communication with your clients and prospects through email marketing services.

Social Media – How to stand out amongst similar service providers by building your community.

Accounting - Tracking your inflows and outflows.

Calendar - Come at it from not burning out, how to schedule.


Month 9

Reiki 3 – Master Teacher Level focuses on healing at the Spiritual level and the teaching of Reiki.

This is the ultimate degree which takes the student deeper into the practice of living Reiki and being a channel of this divine light. The student is opened up to the full ray of Reiki raising the vibration  alignment.

Additional readings, exercises and community service are required. 

As you complete this level you will be able to offer Reiki certification classes in your practice.  

Live Retreat – Georgia/Tennessee Mountains

This retreat will offer the attunements for the final level of Reiki Training.  We will practice attuning each other as we use all the skills we have learned.

ellen_circleMy massage therapy practice (Mobility Massage Therapy, LLC) is going really well in Cullman County since we moved to Smith Lake last summer. In the next couple of weeks, I will be expanding  by adding a spacious, stress reduction room for classes and would love for you to come out and share your crystal bowl therapy, energy work, a crystal class, visualization techniques, restorative yoga or anything else you can think of to help my wonderful clients explore new ways to let go of stress and anxiety in their lives.  I have been blessed to work on more than 60 clients since moving my office here in November, and many of them come in on a regular basis. I would love for them, their families and friends to have an opportunity to learn from you. I appreciate you and I’m thankful for you everyday.”

Ellen Roberts,LMT,NMT  - 

This Sounds Great but…

I’m going to wait until I have more money.

If your business was earning the money you wanted it to, you wouldn’t be here. You need to understand the difference between an investment and an expense – an investment will pay you back, with interest. This program is an investment, in you, in your future, and in your practice.


I don’t have the time to devote to learning this much material.

You can expect to spend 6-8 hours a week learning these modalities. Not only will you be able to help others, but much of this time is spent practicing on yourself. So if it makes you feel better, you’ll be spending 6-8 hours a week practicing self-care, which will change your life.


I don’t have enough experience to open a practice.

What makes this program unique is that you’ll get the experience by working on each other, and you’ll gain the knowledge of how to open and operate a profitable practice because we spend an entire month focused only on business fundamentals; plus business acumen will be seeded throughout the entire program. Check out our expert speakers.


I’ve already taken Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

Great!  This will offer you the opportunity to review and go even deeper into the practice of “living Reiki”.  Reiki is an ongoing learning and living experience.


Doesn’t it need to be an in-person training in order for me to fully learn these modalities?

Not necessarily. We’ll harness the power of modern technology, and your trainings will be held via live video stream. Plus you’ll have the recordings to refer back to time and time again – something I wish I had after I’d completed my trainings. Often the advantage of an in-person training is that group gets to know each other, but our first live retreat is held in the first month, so you will have that opportunity.


What if I can’t make the live retreat?

Due to the nature of the energy work, the live retreats are mandatory.



I began working with Terri Heiman soon after a traumatic divorce.  Reiki entered my life during one of my first weekends away from my very young children.  I met Terri shortly after that, and the changes in my life have been profound.  I was lost young mom, newly single, and new to a town where I didn’t have many close friends.  My children were my first priority and I needed to be fully present for them.  However I also knew that my new path was leading me somewhere for a reason.  Working with Terri, who had a similar “story” to mine, gave me the  confidence that I could make it through this difficult time.  Her empathy, support and tough love helped heal wounds and shed light on dark places in my life.  She was my teacher for all levels of Reiki training.  She encouraged my education to become an Interfaith Minister, and she invited me to share my first Healing Studio space with her.  Now, I actively work in the community in the newly renovated Healing Studio as a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Counselor, healing, sharing and teaching all I have learned with others.  Terri was, and continues to be, an integral part of my journey home. “

Rev.  Jennifer Kiselyak Ellwood, M.A., RMT
The Living Room Studio – 12 Irma Avenue, Port Washington 11050

Academy Bonuses:


Spiritual Counseling 

During your work as a healer you will experience clients at all stages, be it a major trauma, a transition, or healing hurts they weren’t aware of. As a healer it is important to have the skills to counsel your clients. Moving through the transitions of traumas such as grief, death, divorce, illness requires the compassion and an openness to listen rather than just fix.

In this bonus segment, I’ll share with you the techniques that I’ve found to work best to both serve your clients and protect your energy.


Expert Calls

During The Academy I’ll bring on experts to help you build an even stronger business foundation.

Yes Terri, my fearless healer.

I’m ready to join The Spiritual Development Academy™!


 Limited Availability


Apply Here


 I know I’ll Receive:

Reiki Certification – Reiki 1 through  Master Level Training ($1150 value)

Intuitive Development 1- ($275 value)

Intuitive Development 2 -Tarot & Angel Card Readings ($995)

Meditation Development - ($ 375 value)

Crystal Energy  ($425 value)

Essential Oils – ($225 value)

Emotional Freedom Technique – ($499 value)

Empowering the Business Spirit ($999 value)

Earth Ceremonies – ($979 value)

Spiritual Counseling ($777 value)

(2) Three Day Live Retreats ($3,997 value)

Over 200 Hours of Training


If you were to do The Spiritual Development Academy program by program it would cost close to $10,000.


However, we have packaged this to make your investment much lower than that.


Payment plans available.


Yes Terri, my fearless healer. I’m ready to join The Spiritual Development Academy!


Apply Now!    –  

Let’s sit together and see if this is right for you!


All portions of the course can be done remotely and from the comfort of your own home with the exception of the live retreats. This is a must attend retreat in order for you to receive all the energy attunements. These attunements must be done one on one and in person. NO exceptions!

We will cover new material each month with online calls and video/audio downloads. It will be up to you to keep up. Part of the calls will be used to practice the skills on each other. We will do energy readings on each other and card readings to gain experience.


The power of your own spirit is valuable beyond measure.  As you learn to tap into these deeper resources of your soul, you will be able to help others find their spirit and counsel them to live their purpose with passion.  Within each of us is a gift.  Now is the time to open up to yours and shine your light.  Who are you not to shine?  Let us not be afraid of our own power!  I bow to that light within you.


Yes Terri, my fearless healer. I’m ready to join The Spiritual Development Academy!


Apply Now!


Enrollment Policies.



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