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Guest Information – Terri Ann Heiman

Book Launch – Confessions of a Shower Tapper – The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT –

In her upcoming book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper – The Ultimate Guide to Living your Purpose with EFT, Terri Ann Heiman shares the journey of leaving a safe and comfortable job to living her purpose as a Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer.  She takes you through 21 “confessions” to getting there with the help of  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

This book is aimed at reaching those who have a passion in life… coaches.. healers.. yogis.. artists.. therapist… chefs… authors…creative types…   but can’t get beyond the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. It offers the skills to work through the overwhelm, the doubt, and the fear, providing them with the confidence to take that leap.

1) Ebony Hall:    What is EFT? 

Terri: – EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is on the cutting edge of alternative healing and medical treatments. It is one of the few modalities that recognizes that beneath just about every physical problem lies an unresolved emotional issue. EFT works to remove these emotional issues and free us to move beyond these blockages.  EFT is a simple self healing acupressure technique that calms the amygdala of the brain, the fear center, and immediately lowers the cortisol hormone.. the stress hormones!  It brings you back to a state of peace and calm.  It has been proven to change your responses to issues. 

2) Ebony Hall:  What is a Shower Tapper?

Terri:   A shower tapper is someone who uses Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping in the shower .. We take a shower each day and it reminds us to use the energy technique. As it is, it’s a silly looking technique so sometimes people don’t want to practice it or feel awkward if someone sees them so the shower provides the privacy.

Water in many cultures is a cleansing element.  So energetic and physically we are washing away the negative thoughts and emotions. In using the technique myself, I found I was “confessing” to being a shower tapper.. hence the book.

3) Ebony Hall: Why is this technique beneficial to living your purpose in life? 

Terri:   Because it works so well on the limiting beliefs we all hold.  Beliefs that were formed very early in life. We call them energy imprints.. like a wounded child.  So fears of.. I’m not good enough, my purpose isn’t good enough, I’ll never make any money, even body issues and weight that keep us from getting out there.  EfT taps away the fear and overwhelm and helps bring you back to a state of peace.  Most of the time what we tell ourselves isn’t true .. but the ego things it is.  AS i found when I gave up my day job, I was able to tap away all these feelings and really go after my dreams.. book clients. hold events and classes.. and especially the body image issues I’ve had since I was a child.  Each day becomes a new day and helps you to let go of all those past limiting beliefs so that you can move forward with your business.. your life.. your purpose.

4) Ebony Hall:  What kind of impact will your book have on readers? 

Terri:  We all know that unhappiness and depression can occur by not living our dreams.  We all know the downward spiral that can occur when we refuse to look at the underlying cause of these issues.

This book will help readers learn how to tap away the fears and limiting beliefs to live a life of purpose. It will teach others the easiest way and best place to tap it all out by using EFT. 

I’ve seen the results .. breakthroughs from the underlying pain and fear. 

I’ve seen many students open up to their true self by removing the blocks that keep them stuck. 

I’ve seen weight loss occur from tapping on the emotional issues. 

I’ve seen people break through their fear by recognizing  old habits and then having the courage to move forward.

I’ve helped people let go of old heartache and open up to new love.

And.. I ‘ve seen my business grow.. the phones ringing again.. my calendar filling up!

I want to offer an energetic way to work these issues out of the body and mind to clean up the spirit so that your path can become clear and open.

5) Ebony Hall:  Tell us about the crowdfunding campaign.  What is this about? 

Terri:   Indiegogo is the platform.  It’s a way to start marketing, get some public funding and push the project through.  Basically.. you can contribute for perks starting at $5.. like.. gratitude, audios and video that teach the technique..the actual book – ebook and printed and  private sessions with me – as I say.. help get me out of the shower and into the world!

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