The Shocking Truth about Crystals and Stones

Do you ever find yourself attracted to the beauty of a crystal or rock?

Do you notice that you want to pick them up where ever you go?

Most people think that it’s the beauty of them that make them so alluring.

But the truth is.. the shocking truth is ….

There is so much more to them!

Crystal and rocks are alive!

They are billions of years old.

They grow in the ground.

They hold energetic information.


Yes.. shockingly.. they hold information that helps us mortals.

They hold vibrations that help to heal our physical issues.

They hold knowledge that supports us along our spiritual path.

They can clear a room of EMFs.

They can cleanse an area of bad vibs.

They can even be used as feng shui cures!

They can help to ground us from being so scattered.

And they can help us to manifest in our life.

We can program them for just about anything! They are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy.

Are you surprised?

Crystals and stones have held mystical meaning since before the dawn of history.

They hold a spirit or energy within that can be called upon to aid a healer in his or her work.

Quartz crystals are used today in all kinds of ways.

We trust them with our computers.

We depend upon them with our watches, time pieces and even our phones.

(Iphone 6 is coming out with a sapphire casing!).

They are utilized in all kind of medical and industrial equipment… yet, we ponder and question their effect on us.

There really is more to them than their beauty.

Alot of it has to do with their crystalline structure.

We are all of a crystalline structure as is the crystal and the two talk to each other.… on a cellular level.

And then we attract what it is that we need.

So the next time you pick up a crystal or stone, you might think it’s the beauty of the stone, but check it out a little deeper and see if you can feel that resonance for you!

Close your eyes.

Hold it close to you in your left hand.

And ask it to show you more of it’s truth and energy that is right for you.

To Your Spirit!